In the November issue of Facilities Management Journal (FMJ), we shared how maintenance and engineering services have continued on our sites in times of COVID-19 

The pandemic caused by the global spread of the Coronavirus has presented immense challenges to society, and within that the responsibilities and activities of those operating commercial offices and other places of work. As an engineering company, JCA has been having to adjust to a new, evolving set of requirements, some of which are not supported by industry guidelines but based on our own learning and interpretation, such is the speed with which the impacts of the pandemic have unfolded.

The government’s advice was, in the first instance, quite clear. Work from home if you can, if you cannot work from home then go to work. This affected our clients in different ways. Those operating commercial offices that supported a workforce that could viably work from home went from bustling working environments to an eerie stillness quite literally overnight. The support of those buildings from a building engineering perspective could not, however, stop.” (FMJ, November 2020) 

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