As a leading building engineering principal contractor, JCA employs a team of highly talented and driven professionals. Here’s what some of our staff think about working for our business:.


“JCA is a great company to work for. Employees are given the flexibility to manage their own time. This trust allows everyone to plan their day more effectively, resulting in a better work- life balance. We also have a range of diverse projects across the business, keeping everyone interested, motivated and on their toes!”

Phillip Cook
Associate Mechanical Engineer

“I have come to appreciate the professionalism of everyone who works for JCA, from admin staff to the directors. Their approachability and friendliness and close working relationships creates a modern, refreshing and comfortable working environment.”

Pier Lomuti
CAD Technician

“JCA is a great place to work. As a member of the HR team, I feel lucky to work with such nice people who work hard to provide the best for all our employees. A good work-life balance is very important to me and JCA is more than accommodating. I’m looking forward to seeing where the future takes us as JCA continues to grow.”

Sally McGreevy
HR Administrator

“I have grown with JCA over 9 years, from a part-time admin assistant to a full-time buyer for the business. Throughout my time here, I have been supported, guided and encouraged and have developed and grown in confidence, thanks to JCA and my colleagues.”

Jodie Mason