JCA has achieved ISO 14001:2015 certification for our environmental management system which has been developed with the guidance and auditing of QMS. JCA is committed to improving its environmental performance in a number of key areas while retaining a focus on providing a high quality service expected of us. 

While carrying out a project the key goals are ensuring waste is disposed of appropriately (and by authorised parties), substances with the potential to damage the environment are stored correctly and waste going to landfill is reduced. 

 JCA ensures that waste disposal is carried out by an appropriately licensed contractor with the correct waste transfer paperwork completed for each movement. 

Where specialist disposal is required (e.g. excess refrigerants or existing refrigerants requiring decanting as part of the contract) these items shall be collected by (or returned to) an authorised company. 

 JCA realises that it is not always possible to use an environmentally friendly substance onsite. Where a substitute cannot be found, great care is taken to ensure that the substance is not inadvertently released to contaminate the local environment, drains or other watercourses. Controls are assessed for each situation and normally include the use of portable bunds (for hazardous liquids), bottle cages (normally to secure gases such as refrigerants) and ensuring operatives working with the substances are appropriately trained and qualified. 


 JCA Carbon Reduction Plan – published 7th July 2023