Data Centre Engineering

JCA Engineering provides robust and scalable infrastructure solutions to enable secure growth of IT systems in line with the expanding demands of the business. Scalable solutions are adopted at design stage to provide seamless upgrade potential without the need for downtime or unnecessary business risk.

We have a proven track record working with some of the most high profile and challenging of data centre operators. We can offer real assurance that with any instruction we receive, from an infrastructure upgrade to the construction of a new data centre, we have the experience and engineering expertise to deliver your requirements on time, within budget and with the absolute minimum of business disruption. We also understand the importance of environmentally sympathetic data centre design and we can help clients reduce energy consumption without impacting performance.

We have the knowledge and experience to assess every aspect of risk, to plan and deliver meticulously detailed programmes and robust methodology. Our track record is particularly strong in technology upgrades and replacements within live environments where we work within operational data rooms: an environment which allows absolutely no margin for error.

Our customers include blue-chip organisations in the banking, IT and telecommunications sectors, as well as co-location data centres. They need to be confident that we totally understand the business risk and know how to mitigate it. Our distinctive approach, therefore, is to build productive long term relationships with key customers, creating partnerships based on transparency and trust.