Competent specialist subcontractors

JCA maintain their own database of competent subcontractors who have all had to go through an audit process which checks their health and safety, quality and environmental arrangements as well as how they deal with CDM specific requirements (e.g. design input or communication, coordination and cooperation). This is backed up with an interview process held by a director or senior manager within the JCA so that the company’s approach can be understood and the JCA methodology also explained to the contractor in question.

Once a contractor is approved on to JCA’s database their performance is continually assessed by our contract managers, technical services supervisors and HSQE manager as part of their site audits. Subcontractors are expected to maintain the standard of the information they provide to JCA and any changes, deficiencies or expired information is followed up with the company in question. Through this process JCA believes that the standard of specialist subcontract work is maintained at the same high level as JCA expects of our own employees.