Infrastructure Engineering

JCA is a leading network infrastructure supplier, specialising in the design and installation of custom built systems for new buildings and office refurbishments.

Our designs are tailored to meet customers’ individual requirements. With data networks being asked to do more than ever before and as technology continues to evolve, the corporate network must support voice, data, video and multimedia applications. The growing size of networks and the introduction of higher speed access methods create an overwhelming need for reliable, manageable cabling infrastructure. Our high quality installation services can dramatically increase the performance potential of your network.

Cabling infrastructure is the lowest cost portion of your network, yet the most important for performance and reliability. Implementing the right structured cabling system, from connectivity to cable, is imperative to achieve optimum performance from your network equipment, telephone and computer systems.

All of our installations are covered by a 25 year guarantee.

Access control and CCTV are essential elements of building security and at JCA we understand the importance of protecting your business.

We are specialists in the installation and maintenance of CCTV systems, from simple one camera systems to cutting edge bespoke systems. These can include covert/hidden cameras to provide onsite recording; they use the latest networked digital recorders toenable viewing over IP networks/the internet. We can also provide offsite 24 hour CCTV remote monitoring that is activated by external alarm detection.

Whatever your needs, we can deliver the latest technology whilst providing a professional and reliable service.

Modern lighting and power solutions are a fundamental requirement of every building. Our lighting design team can achieve a balance that combines technical expertise, sustainability and visual impact.

Our team are able to develop intelligent lighting solutions that enhance the ambience of your workplace, whilst reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions. This could be via absence and occupancy sensors, daylight dependency or infra red detection methods – the options are endless and a bespoke approach focusing on your business needs is fundamental.

We ensure that the principles upon which our design is based comply with all current, relevant and normal statutory regulations and incorporate cutting edge, energy saving techniques; ensuring your business is functioning at the highest level and with the lowest costs.

So whether it’s a new lighting installation or enhancing an existing property, JCA can offer a skilled and professional solution.

We also understand that the slightest power disturbance can make a real impact to your business. We meet all critical power and infrastructure needs in order to keep your company operational. JCA provides uninterruptible power supply solutions for critical applications, based on reliability, availability and efficiency.

Our team ensures that power distribution equipment is properly maintained and operates within the equipment specifications. In the event of an unplanned outage, our online support site and field service team is ready to respond quickly and efficiently.