Critical Plant Replacement

We have conducted numerous plant replacement projects encompassing lighting and distribution board upgrades, UPS, switchgear, generator, chiller, boiler and air conditioning replacement.

Key to the success of these projects is a comprehensive project plan that minimises site based, reactive activities. As testimony to our ability in this field we have multiple term/framework agreements with high profile organisations to undertake plant replacement works across their facilities. Commencing with detailed validation survey works, we establish current operating conditions and then compare to the commissioning data and proposed performance; from this we are able to provide our clients with the optimal plant selection for their requirements.

3D working drawings are generated to ensure that all systems proposed are spatially coordinated and the replacement process can be ‘walked through’, prior to works commencement.

Making full use of pre-fabrication techniques and optimising any opportunities for enabling works, we aim to mitigate the risk of plant replacement. Detailed project programmes show stage-by-stage fall back strategies and any go/no go authorisation that is required.