JCA Engineering is accredited with a BIM Level 2 Business Systems Certification from Lloyd’s Register for Project Delivery Provider (Business Systems) – Tier 2 M&E Consultant scope of work.  

BIM Level 2 accreditation scheme is an independent public statement of compliance with the PAS 1192 series of standards, BS 11000, the collaborative standard, and the Lloyd’s Register BIM Accreditation Guidance document which introduces another level of risk management. 

The British Standards Institution (BSI) describes BIM Level 2 maturity a series of domain and collaborative federated models. The models, consisting of both 3D geometrical and non-graphical data, are prepared by different parties during the project life-cycle within the context of a common data environment. Using information exchange process between various systems, project participants can provide defined and validated outputs via digital transactions in a structured and reusable form. 

BIM Level 2 requires all project and asset information, documentation and data to be electronic, which supports efficient delivery at the design and construction phases of the project. At the design stage, designers, clients and end users can work together to develop the most suited design and test it on the computer before it is built. During construction BIM enables the supply chain to efficiently share precise information about components which reduces the risk of errors and waste. 

The accreditation is valid for three years, during which time the BIM provider is under a surveillance program.

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