Project Meridian


Client: Illumina
Location: Cambridgeshire
Sector: Pharmaceutical
Project: Project Meridian




Project Overview

Illumina is a global company that develops innovative solutions for DNA, RNA and protein analysis. As part of this, they develop and manufacture integrated systems for the large scale analysis of genetic variation and function.

JCA were asked by Illumina to design and install a high density IT cooling system to contribute and optimise their IT servers during the DNA and RNA sequences. As a successful global company, they place a high value on the rapid delivery of solutions and cutting edge technology. Their main requirements were to apply and install a cooling system to meet the data processing requirement with an energy efficient, cost effective and low maintenance solution.

There were a number of requirements including:
• 28 rack positions n 12kw average load density per rack position
• Maximum of 20kw in any single rack position
• No fixed location of high density cabinets at design stage
• Mixture of 19” rack based hardware and free standing open post equipment
• 15 minute controlled shutdown buffer in event of mains and generator power failure

JCA designed, applied and installed their own ‘Echo’ cooling solution for this project are were subsequently finalists for a UK ‘Data Centre Dynamics’ award. The ‘Echo’ product today has UK and US patents in place