Triglyph Property Consultants Limited

Category A Fit Out


Client: Triglyph Property Consultants Limited
Location: North West London
Sector: Commercial
Project: Category A Fit Out



JCA were employed as principal contractor to carry out a category A fit out to a fire damaged ground floor office.

JCA fitted new SAS partition walls to restore the office to its former layout and installed all new electrics, including power sockets in new dado rails circling the office. Original steel beams received fire retardant cladding and data points were installed in the trunking to improve office facilities and connectivity.

The central heating system was upgraded from a hot air system and modifications were made to existing ventilation ductwork. New ceiling tiles were installed with a set margin to ensure that the ceiling tile sizing was consistent throughout small office space to make the ceiling more aesthetically pleasing.

The fire alarm was upgraded and the new system connected to the previous to utilise the power supply. The teapoint on the first floor was replaced and new windows installed at the front of the ground floor elevation.

All of the rooms were repainted, re-carpeted and previously installed client assets cleaned. Issues that had to be overcome included upstairs tenants requiring access at all times, that was made possible through specialised scaffolding. Another issue was that asbestos was discovered in the kitchen wall, this however, was managed and the asbestos was successfully removed.

In 6 weeks a category A fit out was carried out in a fire damaged ground floor office and the space was transformed. With upgrades to power, data points, central heating and fire alarm, the office was improved as well as repaired to a high standard within the time allotted and to budget.