Schroder Investment Management

CAT A Office Fit out


Client: Schroder Real Investment Management Ltd
Location: Aztec Centre, Brisol
Sector: Commercial
Project: CAT A Office Fit Out



This project for Schroder Real Estate Investment Management involved converting an existing retail unit on the ground floor of the Aztec Business Centre in Bristol.

The 5 week project involved stripping out existing finishes, AC, ceilings, lighting and installing new VRF air-conditioning, LG7 LED lighting, creating a new WC as well as installing new MF bulkheads, suspended ceiling, electrical floor boxes chased into the screed floor and new carpet throughout.

The key challenge had been taking new duct work from the ground floor through the risers on occupied floors to the roof. This work had to be completed out of normal hours and coordinated with the building management team.

A crane lift has been required to lift the new external air-conditioning units on to the roof.
External glazing replacement has been added as a later addition to the project.