Oliver’s Yard


Client: TelecityGroup
Location: City of London
Sector: Data Centre
Project: Oliver’s Yard



JCA were asked to design and install a new electrical management system (EMS) for implementation into the client’s existing low voltage switchgear together with installation of a new 2250kVA generator to supplement the existing generation system.

The scope included the design and testing of a programmable logic controller based EMS. Provision of the new EMS system included new field wiring and fibre optic ring main with modifications to the existing LV switchgear to facilitate the new EMS system. A new diesel generator with attenuators, exhaust, fuel lines and controls were installed to support the system. The new systems were extensively tested ‘offline’ in the factory and then on site to provide confidence in the individual systems before migration to live LV switchgear. The migration of the LV switchgear from the existing control system to the new EMS systems was programmed to facilitate individual testing within the restrictions of generation run.

By completion of the project all the clients requirements and objectives were met with existing LV switchgear transferred from the existing control system to the new EMS system and set into operation without any disruption to the client plant including the UPS units