Global Payment Processing Company

Dedicated B Stream Generator Installation


Client: Global Payment Processing Company
Location: Basingstoke
Sector: Commercial
Project: Dedicated B Stream Generator Installation



The client requested the replacement of 8 air-cooled chilled water units across 4 buildings at BP Sunbury Business Park, Sunbury-on-Thames. The existing plant served critical data and comms rooms, as well as general office space within each building. The emphasis for the upgrade was focused on reducing energy consumption and improving efficiency of the new CHW Plant, as well as optimising product reliability and overall performance.

The main work comprised of phasing out the existing McQuay 500kW air cooled, screw compressor, chilled water units and installing new Airedale 440kW air cooled turbo compressor chillers. The mechanical and electrical services along with the associated steelwork were reconfigured to suit the requirements of the new Airedale units. Within the mechanical package, a CHW buffer vessel was installed to each building to increase the system volume and provide resilience against high CHW demands.

JCA were also instructed upgrade the existing CHW pumps to include new inverter drives. The pumps were then re-commissioned to suit the new chiller plant and the desired flow rates. There were MCC upgrade works on each building to accommodate the installation of IQ3 Trend controllers within each MCC panel, which now provide the control and monitoring function for the upgraded system.

In order to maintain the building’s CHW demand, the programme was split into 2 phases. The first phase involved replacing the standby chiller on each building, whilst keeping the main McQuay chiller operational. Temporary air conditioning units were provided to all critical areas as a contingency to mitigate risk.